Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Past few days outfits:

Hey beauties!

How's everybody doing? I not doing so well, i have a very sore throat..i wish winter can come to an end now.

Im posting my outfits of the past few days for you all. Im once again sorry for the silence of the past weekend, i was traveling on Saturday and i had no internet access for the past two days.

Grey cut out dress
In pic above is a grey cut out dress of mine. I like it because its versatile, sexy and i love the way it makes me feel.

Grey cut out dress, dark grey cardigan, khaki ankle booties
Above is a way to get a more wintery look with my grey dress. I added a long dark grey cardigan, khaki ankle booties and it looked fly:)
Mint jersey, off white partly laced skirt, khai ankle booties, leopard print belt
Above is a more wintery look aswell, i told winter ill submit to it on this specific so i took my mint jersey and tucked it into my off white partly laced skirt and added my khaki ankle booties. I added my white clutch bag for some emphasis.

Black laced croptop, red high waisted skirt, leopard print ankle booties.

Above im wearing my all time black lace crop top, red high waisted skirt and my leopard print ankle booties. I love the way i looked here, red being my favorite color:)
Bottle green crop top, high waisted polka dot skirt, red pointer heels
In above pic i did another high waisted outfit look with my bottle green crop top and red pointer heels. I love how my heels just breaks the color of the outfit:)
Distressed denims, red pointer heels, baby pink bodysuit
This outfit above is one of i think two weeks ago, that i missed. I love distressed denims because it just looks sexy with anything.

Red plaid skinny pants, black bodysuit, red pointer heels
In above pic is my OOTD for today. I havent worn this red plaid skinny in a while so this morning when i saw it in my closet i thought 'why not'?. I wearing my black bodysuit which i also really love much and my red pointers. When the cold gets me i just add a cardigan or a jacket.

Phew!now that was a mouth full, but i feel it makes up for what i lacked the past few days of not posting.

I pray everybody has a great day further, stay stylish and please pray for my

Mwas & huggies.

Murilla Mary

Friday, 12 June 2015

Friday colors:)

Hey beauties!

How's everybody doing?

As everybody knows by now, im NOT a fan of winter at all. I literally beg GOD on a daily basis for winter to be over. So if my posts seem short & to the point, its just because im not very comfortable with the weather. Never the less, styling & fashion doesn't stop, so neither should we.

Pink high waisted skirt, baby blue & flower patterned self made crop top, pink & green wedge heels, blue vintage handbag.

 Above is the outfit i rolled out in yetserda. Im posting it today only beacuse i had quite a fe other things to do yesterday and im still having a tough time trying to post from my cell phone.

I love the look in my OOTD from yesterday. When it comes to crop tops, theres sooo much that can be done with it. It can be worn with high waisted skirts, with jeans, tights, leggings and add coats or blazers or jackets or even jerseys in this winter season.

My posts will always have summer clothing in, winter an i just have beef like

I'll be posting more pictures of how i incorpoated my crop tops in different ways, im excited to be bringing that to you beauties next week.

I pray everybody will have a stylish and safe weekend.

Much love & huggies.

Murilla Mary

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Im Back:)

Hey Beauties!

I know. Its been forever. Im terribly sorry for being MIA(missing in action) for the past two weeks. I had quite a few things happening in my life, but im glad to be back posting again.

Birthday outfit. Red long sleeved top, cool chick distressed leggings, Leopard print booties(or red pointers)
 Above is my birthday outfit from two saturdays ago..i turned 28:) I figured to not go all glam as i was travelling, so i just did something simplistic with a sexy edge. I loved this outfit & the way it made me feel.

Pink t-shirt dress black tights, leopard print rain boots
In above pic a winter outfit i had on on last week Monday. I love this in t-shirt top. Its so girly & fitting for winter. I also like my rain boots, its perfect for this rainy weather i find myself in. I just add a coat or jacket with this outfit to protect myself from the rain.

Pink t-shirt dress, Black tights, brown ankle booties, pink scarf, black leather jacket.
Above is a more wintery look with the pink t-shirt dress top. I added a scarf, a black partly leather jacket with brown ankle booties & black tights.

Maroon lace crop top, rainbow color self made skirt, red pointer heels
 In above pic is my outfit i rolled out in yesterday. now i know, its winter, yet we actually had a sunny day yesterday so i thought let me make the most of the sunshine & indulge. I love how this top looks with this skirt(which was previous a dressy). Im definitely going  to rock this duo again in future.

Beauties thats all i have for ya'll today. Im one again sorry for the long silence. I'll be back tomorrow with more fashion porn:)

Stay stylish & much love

Murilla Mary