Monday, 25 May 2015

Monday Bestie Style Inspiration:)

Morning beauties!

Today im very excited, its not a blue Monday in so much of the sense, beacause im sharing with ya'll one of my besties' style inspiration.

Jodine Cloete is one of my best friends. She literally knows almost anything about me. We met at varsity 8 years ago where we were studying the same course & although we didnt click immediately, we became quite close when we did our internship at the same company & shared the same house with a few other girls.

What i love about Jodine is her honesty. She's always honest with me about myself. At times when im acting a she tells me.. she gives honest advice & she's positive & inspirational. With her i can vent days on end & she listens|& prays for me. What i love about our friendship is that it survives the distance. She stays in the Northern Cape, however we keep in touch. We don't speak everyday, but we always have great catch up chats via phone. I've been a lil in the dog box lately coz i owe her a visit, but she's forgiving & understanding. She's a great friend & i truly value her.

Below im sharing pics of her style inspirations for me. We have a similar style, so we are one of those friends who can buy eachother clothes without having to worry the other won't like it. Always a bonus:)
Maroon cable jersey, Dark denim mini skirt, brown calf booties, big hoop earings, hair in a bun
In pic above is a chic autumn look of  my "maatjie" (friend in afrikaans). I love how she wears a jersey with her mini skirt & the booties fitting the season we're in now, Autumn. Great combo maat!

Orange jumper, sequined headpiece, wrist ice & cross chain with red lips
I love the above outfit! Its a ten/10! This orange jumper really brings out her light complexion. The sequined headpiece gives a boho chic look & the red lips compliments the look. My friend looks sexy yet playful here.

Tres en Vogue crop top, black maxi skirt, black & white bandana wrap, wrist & belly ice with sneakers
In above pic is a very relaxed, layed back look as opposed to the two previous ones. I like how she incorporated these items. The bandana wrap gives her an edgy, swagged out look with the sneakers, yet she still has a sexy thingy going with the crop top & belly bling showing. Her cross chain adds emphasis. I like how her wrist ice game (bangles) are always on point.

I really hope ya'll enjoyed todays post of my bestie. She's a great writer & photographer so if ya'll ever need some photography work done in the Northern Cape area of South Africa, pop me a mail & i'll hook ya'll up with this beauty.

Jodine, thanx so much for who you are in my life. I truly value & love you. You are the best!

"Psychologists say if friendships lasts more than 7 years, it can last a lifetime"

Murilla Mary

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Saturday make up for lacking day:)

Morning beauties!

How's everybody doing? I know im guilty for not blogging for the past two days, i had a lil problem with space on my memory card with pictures. I had to delete a few very old pics in order to get space to take new pics. The struggle is always real & the devil always a Im doing a few renovated items today & a throwback pic, to make up for missing my throwback Thursday pic from the past Thursday.

Different ways to wear a tight dressy

Above pic: In my "all white evrythang" pic of a previous post, i was wearing the above dressy which i have cut the excess off. I decided to do that because 1. stylists cut their & because i have gained weighthealthy weight:) so i found this dressyjust tooo tight & me not being able to really move in it I added pic above to jst show ya'll how i wore this dressy in the recent past..with a black tight mini skirt & ankle booties or just as a dressy especially for the daytime. This pic serves as my throwback Thursday pic for ya'll.

Distressed denims
 AHHHH MY FAVORITE!!!! excuse my excitement, but this jeans has just become even more of my favorites after i took my scissors lastnite & made cuts where my knees are. Im confessing that im addicted to cutting my clothes, and no im not ashamed of it ;) This beauty i feel can be worn with a long sleeved tight fitting top or a crop top & peep toe heelies. Im definitely looking forward to wearing it soon & getting full outfit pics taken for ya'll to see.
Peeping pockets from dark denim shorts
In above pic, i cut a dark denim jeans which has also(blush) gotten too tight for me. Now every fashionista knows that the pockets from your shorts must always peep out. Can be worn with a long sleeved top & over the knee boots, with a short sleeved top or crop top with heels..whatever floats your fashion boat;)
Shoes on the curtain rail
In above pic i have found a very unique, creative way to "store" my shoes. I don't like it when i can't see my shoes around me, when they arent visible im not a very happy lady:) so i decided to put them on the curtain rail & away from my cousins who tends to rock them when im not around. The goal is ofcourse, as every shoe addict would agree, id love to have sooo many shoes that the curtain rails in my crib will be too few to put my shoes up on;)

I hope everybody enjoyed today post & that it makes up for my lack the past two days.

I pray everybody will have a great weekend & i'll see ya'll soon with more fashion love.


Murilla Mary

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Prints & dots Wednesday;)

Purple leopard print top, polka dot high waisted skirt, opague tights, black ankle booties

Hey Beauties!
I hope everybodys doing good.  I feel so tired today, definitely need to sleep earlier at night. Todays OOTD is in pic above. I thought to mix up prints today since i feel a lil "off" cause off the weather. Im not a fan of winter & starting to become bored with wearing opague stockings, but what else can a lady do?

Multi colored strapped watch
In above pic is my multi colored watch that i bought a few months ago& told id share with ya'll. This watch has 6 different facies & straps so i can change them everyday & it will seem asive i have 6 different kinda watches. Its a Digitime watch & its so petit.. im a lover of

Murilla Mary
In the above pic is a collage of my face, since i told ya'll id add more pics of my

My post is short today, im working on getting together the pics of the celebs & fashionistas in my life, im hoping to post it soon & share with ya'll my inspirations.

Have a great Wednesday further & always dress like you will bump into your worst enemy.


Murilla Mary

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Weekend wear & OOTD Tuesday:)

Hey beauties!

How's everybody doing? Before i start posting, id just like to appologise for the fact that i didn't post this past weekend, i had quite a few hiccups that was unforseen. The app for my blog thats on my phone did not wanna co operate..the struggle was real! I hope ya'll can forgive me for this & that ya'll will enjoy todays post, it will be longer because i have quite a few outfits to share:)
Distressed leopard print leggings, white t-shirt, green sude wegde heels, tiger stripped handbag

 Above i did a casual look, perfect for just chilling, heading out to run errands or visiting a friend. This outfit was for the past Saturday. For those who don't know what distressed means, its basically another word for ripped..ripped jeans or ripped leggings or tights. i love distrsssed items & will definitely load more pics of them soon.
Denim, partly distressed overals, self made crop top in color, nude peep toe heels in 1st pic, green suede wedges in 2nd pic.
 In the above pic is a casual, chic look. I did denimoverals, artly distressed(see the rips near the pockets) & i did two type of shoes to go withthis look. Firstly my nude peep toes that i love dearly & then my green suede wedges. I love the color of this crop top, gives me a fun & flirty playfull feel;)
Maroon laced crop top, Black pleather body fitting leggings with sequins, nude peep toe pumps.
In the above pic is one of my all time favorite looks! I can't say in words how much i love this lace crop top..if it was a man id marry it:) i also love these leggings to bits & pieces, it soo tight fitting & sexy & love the sequins at the bottom! This look i feel is perfect for a night out with the girls, or for going out with your man looking sexy. I love how this outfit brings out my belly bling as well!

Overals look nr. 2 with green crop top & lady buggie shoes
Above is a 2nd look for the overals. I coupled it with my bottle green crop top, also just a fun & casual chic look. Perfect for a fun time on the outside with girlfriends. My ladybuggies are one of my favorite pairs of shoes & always looks good with green.
Rred chiffon crop top, black crop track pants, black beanie for swagged look, red pointer heels
In above pic im wearing my red crop chiffon top. This top i got made out of a dressy, which i will explain more about with the pics thats following below. I rocked a beanie to just add some swagged edge to the look, yet wearing heels, to still give this look a sexy side to it.
Combined looks..collage of above outfits
 Above is a collage of most of the looks above, yet in the second pic i have my overals down which displays my belly bling & is a very much more relaxed look. In the 3rd pic is my chiffon outfit.; This skirt & crop top was made out of a dressy which i never wore, so i asked my grany to help & make me a set. I've come to love this set & its perfect for a casual/smart outing with your man or an event to attend to when you want to stand out from the crowd;) can be worn with flat sandles, gladiator sandles or even heels for a more elegant touch.

Navy blue jersey, red high waisted skirt, opague stockings with leopard print booties.
In above pic is my OOTD for work today. I really had such a break from my leopards this weekend, that i missed them & im wearing them today. They're so easy to put on, just a zip-up at the back. I also really like this jersey, it can be rocked casually or formally & i added my red glitter lip chain for emphasis.

Phew, this post was long, but im happy to be back posting after this weekend of struggling to get it done. I really hope ya'll enjoyed it. Im planing to put up some inspiration pics from fashionista friends as well as celebs and my handsome brothers style, soon for ya'll to see.

Have a fab Tuesday loves.

"she balls untill she falls, that means she shops untill she drops" Fashion Killa- ASAP Rocky

Murilla Mary

Friday, 15 May 2015

Renovated/self made crop top friday:)

Self made crop tops & headband out of dresses

Hey friday beauties!

I felt so inspired last night when i looked through my closet and found dressies i never wear anymore, so i decided to get out one of my best friends(my scissors) and started cutting my dressies into crop tops. I made a head band from the access material of the one dress. (in pic above). I'm going to get skirts made from the rest of the access material & i'll load the pics for ya'll to see how it turned out, so im excited about that:)

Crop top & short sets made out of rompers
In the pic above i have crop top & short sets that i made out of rompers. I bought the orange one at  MR.Price & the Blue flowery one at Traders. The problem i had with these is that they pulled up at my back side & showed my booty cheecks (lol). Now please understand, im all for against trashy. There's nothing attractive about showing ur private parts in public, so i had to renovate these items , (my granny helped & made the shorts for me, after i cut off the top parts), (Thanx Mamma!) & now i can wear them as sets:) & i can mix & match them with other items in my closet, cause when it comes to fashion, there's NO rules!

My post today is short, as i don't have an OOTD pic today, however this weekend i'll be taking loads of pics & i can't wait. im rocking my headband in the 1st pic mix of above & im loving it. Makes me feel even more girly than i already am.

Have a great weekend loves, i'll see ya'll soon with great pics;)

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns, in order to look at things in a different way"-Edward de Bono
'"Thank God Im Fabulous" from "Thank God its friday)-(TGIF)' Kimora Lee Simmons 
Murilla Mary

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lady in red..with leopard booties:)

Red dress, opague stockings, polka dot blazer, leopard booties

 Hey beauties!

How's everybody doing? Who can see the difference in picture quality today? Let the church say amen! :)
Today im wearing my red number(figure hugging), bought at Identity, my opague stockings because its raining and my leopard booties. My mommy took the pictures this morning (thanx mommy!) on ur lawn & im lovin.
Shoe & handbag game
 Above is my shoe & hand bg game upclose. I love this bag of mine.

Nail game for the past three months

And lastly, my nail game for the past three that exact order. I love color on my nails, im not into neutral colors as nail polish that much, i like them bright & eye catching with glitter.(Thanx to my nail technician  Davidene).

This is basically all i have for you beauties today. I feel that because the pictures are clear enough i dont have to load that many, as im sure ya'll can see them perfectly today. Its amazing how natural light can make a difference to pictures & im looking forward to taking plenty this weekend.

"Don't tell me what to wear" Legit slogan.

Murilla Mary

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

LBD, Smurfies & Red lip chain;)

LBD with waistcoat, Smurfies
Morning beauties!

Today i decided on simplistic since i did quite a few chains this week. In the above pic im wearing my LBD(little black dress) as my OOTD, coupled with a dark blue waistcoat and opague stockings. My shoe game is my smurfies(they're suede in cobalt blue & i love them).Im just wearing my hair in a bun with no bling today, just cubic zirconia diamond studs in my ears and my red gliiter lip chain around my neck. Blue & red is a great combo for those who don't know:)
Red gliiter lip chain close up
Above is a close up of my chain. I bought this at MR.Price for sooo cheap. A true bargain beauty!

Bluer Mascarra..blink blink
AH! there it is! this pic did NOT wanna load for like half & hour. the struggle was real, but the devil is a Im wearing blue mascarra ladies! i bought this from Avon a while back & always wear it when wearing blue shoes or have blue in my ootd. I really love blue on my eyelashes, my eyelashes are longer than ur average eyelashes so accentuating them is always fun..praise Jesus! ;)

Waistcoat upclose
Above is my waitscoat upclose..the pic quality is bad, but i promise soon we will have better quality pics!

Bamboo Charcoal soap
Above is the soap i promised to share with ya'll. Its called Bamboo Charoal soap & i bought it from a friend of my mommy! I promise this soap is from the DNA of the Lord.! It heals almost any skin! I use it on my face as well coz its its not works for even eczsma for those who struggle with it, works for blemishes and bites and just anything! I swear the fact that its black has nothing to do with my ootd It can even be purchased online, just type in Bamboo Charcoal soap and google will hook ya'll up!

I hope ya'll enjoyed todays post. I really had such a struggle loading pics today, my cellphone internet is mad slow today, but im off this weekend from work & ofcourse i'll be taking loads of OOTD pics with much better quality to share with ya'll.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Clare Boothe Luce


Murilla Mary

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

All white everythang..except my shoes;)

Hey Beauties!

Today i decided to go all white on ya'll (except) for my shoes lol. In the picture above i have a front view, back view & my shoe game going on there. Im wearing a white partly laced top(love lace as im sure ya'll noticed by now). this top was formerly a dress which my handsome brother gave as a birthday prezzy last year, i just cut off the access and made a top out of it.(i have some pics of how it looked on me as a dress, which i'll load for ya'll). Im wearing a white skinny jeans, i love skinny jeans.. coz im petite it works for My shoes are my most favorite, i call them my lady buggies coz of their colors. I love how i look today, love how my clothes fit & the weather is great outside, love sunshine!


In the pic above is a close up my head ice game today(headchain/headpiece). Im wearing my hair in a twisted bun with a middle parting so the thin chain is nicely positioned in my parting.I love the colors of this head piece. I made it from a neck chain, coz im not huge on stuff around my neck. I've already received compliments on it & its not even halfway throuh the


Above is a pic of my blazer today, its a maroon with a lil shimmer in & i loves me shimmer! It also has a black lace pattern & i brought it along incase it gets chilly. I bought this at Fashion Express & it was a bargain! It was like at first sight lol!

Above ya'll can see my lip color(berry red) and my eye game(huge eyes)lol. So glad my nail game is still intact, and its going for three weeks now:)


and lastly, i received a mail asking a close up of my pic was taken recently..i'll post more of my face soon.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I appologise for not having a beauty product today. I overslept this morning & getting ready was such a rush. Note to self :quit snoozing the alarm clock lil lady!!! I'll have that beauty product pic tomorrow for real though.

Have a great Tuesday loves!

Murilla Mary

Monday, 11 May 2015

OOTD (Outfit of the day) & self made item:)

Hey Beauties!

How is everybody doing? So yesterday was Mothersday and i hope everybody made sure their mommies know how much they are loved, and if you're a mommy yourself i hope you felt loved. I certainly made sure my mommy knows how much i appreciate & love her.

Above is my OOTD(outfit of the day). I thought id start off the week with my maroon & black striped dressy. It has a nice thickish material, which i like since its almost winter here by us. I coupled it with opague stockings and my leopard print ankle booties. I love how this dressy has a leopard print belt as well, im a huge leopard print fan. In the second picture ya'll see my handpiece and nail game going on there. I get my nails done professionally. Its acrylic and my nail technician is honest to GOD, JESUS and the whole trinity the best!(Thanx Davidene!) My natural nails are very brittle,so since ive been wearing acrylic nails my naturals have grown out sooo long, which has never before happened without the acrylics.

In the picture above is a close up picture of my head & handpiece. I took this picure the day i made these items. This was originally a belt. Yes dolls, im serious. I wasn't wearing this belt and oneday creativity kicked in mad hard and i felt inspired to make these items.(lol). I basically just took the access piece off and started with the handpiece, adding two chains..a thickish one to surround my wrist and a thin one to go around my middle finger. I wear it on my left hand because i like my right hand free. With my headpiece i just put a little hook in to make it one round item and i just slide it onto my head. I normally wear it when i put my hair up in a bun. I've received quite a few compliments with these items and i really love it coz its cute & girly since it has flower paterns.

In the above picture is a more casual, weekender look of mine (since i promised ya'll in my last post id add somethings casual:)). Im wearing a bottle green cropped top with LOVE leggings.(cropped top purchased at Mr.Price & leggings at a thrift store in Cape Town). Im a huge cropped top and legging fan, its easy to throw on, yet sexy coz it shows my belly bling(belly ring). Im wearing flat brownish sandels here. Im not huge on flats, but this was a very relaxed weekend, i was just chilling at my cousins crib & she never gets why im always on heels (lol). I had my hair in soft curls, which my cousin made for me.(Thanx Nicole!) I didnt accessorise with this outfit, i feel the sexier the outfit, the less accesories we need:)
My beauty product i thought id share with ya'll today (picture above) is CC (color correcting) pearls from Avon. I love this product which i purchased a month ago. It comes with a nice sponge which you roll over the pearls and dab onto your face. I have naturally oily skin thats prone to breakouts, so i love these pearls. They're powdery and the different colors bring out the correct colors from your make up. I feel that with them, i don't have to wear so much powder to set my make up with.

I hope everybody likes todays post. Im still working on getting a daily picture camera of great quality to get my OOTD pictures taken. In my next post id like to share more about my miracle soap i use on my skin & i fell inlike with, and also a few self made items i wore in the past Summer season.( to end Summer off nicely and sail into winter.) Im not a huge winter fan coz i feel restricted with my outfits, but with opague stockings, boots and beanies in the stores, a girl can deal:)

Have a great Monday beauties, i'll see ya'll tomorrow.

"In order to be remembered, a lady must always be different" Coco Chanel

Kissies xoxo

Murilla Mary

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Hey Beauties!

All goes..its picture nr.1 of blog "new" LOL! Im starting with work wear or whats called corporate wear by most people.  In the 1st picture im wearing a yellow lace dress.. i love lace! Yes, thats right i said a dress.. what i do with my lace dresses to create a top look tugged in, is do exactly that..i wear my high waisted skirts on top of it. I recall wearing nude peep toe heels with this outfit to work last week Thursday so this would actually work as a throw back Thursday post in the future;)

In picture nr.2 im wearing a baby pink bodysuit and i had blue suede heel booties on with this outfit..i call them my smurfies:). I normally don't bother much with jewelery to work. I normallly just wear my watch (which you all will hear alot about soon) and maybe a chain somedays. For earings, i go simplistic with cubic zirconia diamond studds and i love my hair up to accentuate my eyes and lips with work wear.

Please excuse the selfie look and beauty products in the back. My mom always says i have a pharmacy running in the background of my selfies:)

Oh and i cant forget to mention that i find playing around with different tops or bodysuits with my high waisted skirts is always a plus, alot of people think my closet is sooo huge, but its cause i know how to mix and match..hehehe

I hope you all enjoyed the first post..i'll see you all soon with hopefully more relaxed, casual wear, a few beauty product pictures and a self made item.

Be blessed and much love

inhale fashion, exhale style

Murilla Mary
Hey Beauties!!!

So i know its been forever since i blogged. When i first started blogging years ago it was after i comitted my life and heart to the LORD and i wrote mostly about my testimony and my faith. I was still on facebook back then and a lot of people found links to my blog and contacted me for all the wrong reasons (yes, it was men). I don't want to elaborate much about that experience, all i WILL however say is that there's a lot of people out there who use the social media platform for all the wrong reasons, not doing anything constructive or even godly with it.

Anyhow, the reason i decided to start blogging again is to share with you all and the world my love and passion for fashion, style and image. I feel like i have truly grown and evolved over the years as a woman and ive come to love sooo much about personal image. I aspire with this blog to inspire women and share with you beauties my daily outfits which i call my OOTD(Outfit of the day). I also want to share pieces ive made myself and beauty products as well as just general things about myself and my lifestyle. I pray the Lord will bless my blogging  and that what happened with my first blog won't hapen again. I believe GOD knows and sees my heart and my intenstions with this(Praise Him) :)

Im looking forward to sharing with you all. Im hoping to open an instagram account soon as i realise that for my business to grow i have to market it on some form of social media site(although im not a big fan of social media and im very careful which sites i visit and partake in).

Please excuse the way the blog might look at the beginning as im still trying to beautify it and getting all my pictures together. As life gets very busy at times and im working ful time as well, i do promise to not neglect my blogging. I aspire to geet a profesional photoshoot done soon as well as get my daily pictures taken with a real camera, right now i have sooo many selfies to share. Please bare with me through this journey.

I'll start posting pictures soon and im really looking forward to interacting with, shaing with and loving on you all.

Much love and God bless..


Murilla Mary