Tuesday, 12 May 2015

All white everythang..except my shoes;)

Hey Beauties!

Today i decided to go all white on ya'll (except) for my shoes lol. In the picture above i have a front view, back view & my shoe game going on there. Im wearing a white partly laced top(love lace as im sure ya'll noticed by now). this top was formerly a dress which my handsome brother gave as a birthday prezzy last year, i just cut off the access and made a top out of it.(i have some pics of how it looked on me as a dress, which i'll load for ya'll). Im wearing a white skinny jeans, i love skinny jeans.. coz im petite it works for me..lol. My shoes are my most favorite, i call them my lady buggies coz of their colors. I love how i look today, love how my clothes fit & the weather is great outside, love sunshine!


In the pic above is a close up my head ice game today(headchain/headpiece). Im wearing my hair in a twisted bun with a middle parting so the thin chain is nicely positioned in my parting.I love the colors of this head piece. I made it from a neck chain, coz im not huge on stuff around my neck. I've already received compliments on it & its not even halfway throuh the day..lol.


Above is a pic of my blazer today, its a maroon with a lil shimmer in & i loves me shimmer! It also has a black lace pattern & i brought it along incase it gets chilly. I bought this at Fashion Express & it was a bargain! It was like at first sight lol!

Above ya'll can see my lip color(berry red) and my eye game(huge eyes)lol. So glad my nail game is still intact, and its going for three weeks now:)


and lastly, i received a mail asking a close up of my face..lol..this pic was taken recently..i'll post more of my face soon.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I appologise for not having a beauty product today. I overslept this morning & getting ready was such a rush. Note to self :quit snoozing the alarm clock lil lady!!! I'll have that beauty product pic tomorrow for real though.

Have a great Tuesday loves!

Murilla Mary

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