Friday, 15 May 2015

Renovated/self made crop top friday:)

Self made crop tops & headband out of dresses

Hey friday beauties!

I felt so inspired last night when i looked through my closet and found dressies i never wear anymore, so i decided to get out one of my best friends(my scissors) and started cutting my dressies into crop tops. I made a head band from the access material of the one dress. (in pic above). I'm going to get skirts made from the rest of the access material & i'll load the pics for ya'll to see how it turned out, so im excited about that:)

Crop top & short sets made out of rompers
In the pic above i have crop top & short sets that i made out of rompers. I bought the orange one at  MR.Price & the Blue flowery one at Traders. The problem i had with these is that they pulled up at my back side & showed my booty cheecks (lol). Now please understand, im all for against trashy. There's nothing attractive about showing ur private parts in public, so i had to renovate these items , (my granny helped & made the shorts for me, after i cut off the top parts), (Thanx Mamma!) & now i can wear them as sets:) & i can mix & match them with other items in my closet, cause when it comes to fashion, there's NO rules!

My post today is short, as i don't have an OOTD pic today, however this weekend i'll be taking loads of pics & i can't wait. im rocking my headband in the 1st pic mix of above & im loving it. Makes me feel even more girly than i already am.

Have a great weekend loves, i'll see ya'll soon with great pics;)

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns, in order to look at things in a different way"-Edward de Bono
'"Thank God Im Fabulous" from "Thank God its friday)-(TGIF)' Kimora Lee Simmons 
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