Saturday, 9 May 2015

Hey Beauties!!!

So i know its been forever since i blogged. When i first started blogging years ago it was after i comitted my life and heart to the LORD and i wrote mostly about my testimony and my faith. I was still on facebook back then and a lot of people found links to my blog and contacted me for all the wrong reasons (yes, it was men). I don't want to elaborate much about that experience, all i WILL however say is that there's a lot of people out there who use the social media platform for all the wrong reasons, not doing anything constructive or even godly with it.

Anyhow, the reason i decided to start blogging again is to share with you all and the world my love and passion for fashion, style and image. I feel like i have truly grown and evolved over the years as a woman and ive come to love sooo much about personal image. I aspire with this blog to inspire women and share with you beauties my daily outfits which i call my OOTD(Outfit of the day). I also want to share pieces ive made myself and beauty products as well as just general things about myself and my lifestyle. I pray the Lord will bless my blogging  and that what happened with my first blog won't hapen again. I believe GOD knows and sees my heart and my intenstions with this(Praise Him) :)

Im looking forward to sharing with you all. Im hoping to open an instagram account soon as i realise that for my business to grow i have to market it on some form of social media site(although im not a big fan of social media and im very careful which sites i visit and partake in).

Please excuse the way the blog might look at the beginning as im still trying to beautify it and getting all my pictures together. As life gets very busy at times and im working ful time as well, i do promise to not neglect my blogging. I aspire to geet a profesional photoshoot done soon as well as get my daily pictures taken with a real camera, right now i have sooo many selfies to share. Please bare with me through this journey.

I'll start posting pictures soon and im really looking forward to interacting with, shaing with and loving on you all.

Much love and God bless..


Murilla Mary

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