Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Prints & dots Wednesday;)

Purple leopard print top, polka dot high waisted skirt, opague tights, black ankle booties

Hey Beauties!
I hope everybodys doing good.  I feel so tired today, definitely need to sleep earlier at night. Todays OOTD is in pic above. I thought to mix up prints today since i feel a lil "off" cause off the weather. Im not a fan of winter & starting to become bored with wearing opague stockings, but what else can a lady do?

Multi colored strapped watch
In above pic is my multi colored watch that i bought a few months ago& told id share with ya'll. This watch has 6 different facies & straps so i can change them everyday & it will seem asive i have 6 different kinda watches. Its a Digitime watch & its so petit.. im a lover of

Murilla Mary
In the above pic is a collage of my face, since i told ya'll id add more pics of my

My post is short today, im working on getting together the pics of the celebs & fashionistas in my life, im hoping to post it soon & share with ya'll my inspirations.

Have a great Wednesday further & always dress like you will bump into your worst enemy.


Murilla Mary

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