Monday, 25 May 2015

Monday Bestie Style Inspiration:)

Morning beauties!

Today im very excited, its not a blue Monday in so much of the sense, beacause im sharing with ya'll one of my besties' style inspiration.

Jodine Cloete is one of my best friends. She literally knows almost anything about me. We met at varsity 8 years ago where we were studying the same course & although we didnt click immediately, we became quite close when we did our internship at the same company & shared the same house with a few other girls.

What i love about Jodine is her honesty. She's always honest with me about myself. At times when im acting a she tells me.. she gives honest advice & she's positive & inspirational. With her i can vent days on end & she listens|& prays for me. What i love about our friendship is that it survives the distance. She stays in the Northern Cape, however we keep in touch. We don't speak everyday, but we always have great catch up chats via phone. I've been a lil in the dog box lately coz i owe her a visit, but she's forgiving & understanding. She's a great friend & i truly value her.

Below im sharing pics of her style inspirations for me. We have a similar style, so we are one of those friends who can buy eachother clothes without having to worry the other won't like it. Always a bonus:)
Maroon cable jersey, Dark denim mini skirt, brown calf booties, big hoop earings, hair in a bun
In pic above is a chic autumn look of  my "maatjie" (friend in afrikaans). I love how she wears a jersey with her mini skirt & the booties fitting the season we're in now, Autumn. Great combo maat!

Orange jumper, sequined headpiece, wrist ice & cross chain with red lips
I love the above outfit! Its a ten/10! This orange jumper really brings out her light complexion. The sequined headpiece gives a boho chic look & the red lips compliments the look. My friend looks sexy yet playful here.

Tres en Vogue crop top, black maxi skirt, black & white bandana wrap, wrist & belly ice with sneakers
In above pic is a very relaxed, layed back look as opposed to the two previous ones. I like how she incorporated these items. The bandana wrap gives her an edgy, swagged out look with the sneakers, yet she still has a sexy thingy going with the crop top & belly bling showing. Her cross chain adds emphasis. I like how her wrist ice game (bangles) are always on point.

I really hope ya'll enjoyed todays post of my bestie. She's a great writer & photographer so if ya'll ever need some photography work done in the Northern Cape area of South Africa, pop me a mail & i'll hook ya'll up with this beauty.

Jodine, thanx so much for who you are in my life. I truly value & love you. You are the best!

"Psychologists say if friendships lasts more than 7 years, it can last a lifetime"

Murilla Mary

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