Saturday, 9 May 2015

Hey Beauties!

All goes..its picture nr.1 of blog "new" LOL! Im starting with work wear or whats called corporate wear by most people.  In the 1st picture im wearing a yellow lace dress.. i love lace! Yes, thats right i said a dress.. what i do with my lace dresses to create a top look tugged in, is do exactly that..i wear my high waisted skirts on top of it. I recall wearing nude peep toe heels with this outfit to work last week Thursday so this would actually work as a throw back Thursday post in the future;)

In picture nr.2 im wearing a baby pink bodysuit and i had blue suede heel booties on with this outfit..i call them my smurfies:). I normally don't bother much with jewelery to work. I normallly just wear my watch (which you all will hear alot about soon) and maybe a chain somedays. For earings, i go simplistic with cubic zirconia diamond studds and i love my hair up to accentuate my eyes and lips with work wear.

Please excuse the selfie look and beauty products in the back. My mom always says i have a pharmacy running in the background of my selfies:)

Oh and i cant forget to mention that i find playing around with different tops or bodysuits with my high waisted skirts is always a plus, alot of people think my closet is sooo huge, but its cause i know how to mix and match..hehehe

I hope you all enjoyed the first post..i'll see you all soon with hopefully more relaxed, casual wear, a few beauty product pictures and a self made item.

Be blessed and much love

inhale fashion, exhale style

Murilla Mary

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