Monday, 11 May 2015

OOTD (Outfit of the day) & self made item:)

Hey Beauties!

How is everybody doing? So yesterday was Mothersday and i hope everybody made sure their mommies know how much they are loved, and if you're a mommy yourself i hope you felt loved. I certainly made sure my mommy knows how much i appreciate & love her.

Above is my OOTD(outfit of the day). I thought id start off the week with my maroon & black striped dressy. It has a nice thickish material, which i like since its almost winter here by us. I coupled it with opague stockings and my leopard print ankle booties. I love how this dressy has a leopard print belt as well, im a huge leopard print fan. In the second picture ya'll see my handpiece and nail game going on there. I get my nails done professionally. Its acrylic and my nail technician is honest to GOD, JESUS and the whole trinity the best!(Thanx Davidene!) My natural nails are very brittle,so since ive been wearing acrylic nails my naturals have grown out sooo long, which has never before happened without the acrylics.

In the picture above is a close up picture of my head & handpiece. I took this picure the day i made these items. This was originally a belt. Yes dolls, im serious. I wasn't wearing this belt and oneday creativity kicked in mad hard and i felt inspired to make these items.(lol). I basically just took the access piece off and started with the handpiece, adding two chains..a thickish one to surround my wrist and a thin one to go around my middle finger. I wear it on my left hand because i like my right hand free. With my headpiece i just put a little hook in to make it one round item and i just slide it onto my head. I normally wear it when i put my hair up in a bun. I've received quite a few compliments with these items and i really love it coz its cute & girly since it has flower paterns.

In the above picture is a more casual, weekender look of mine (since i promised ya'll in my last post id add somethings casual:)). Im wearing a bottle green cropped top with LOVE leggings.(cropped top purchased at Mr.Price & leggings at a thrift store in Cape Town). Im a huge cropped top and legging fan, its easy to throw on, yet sexy coz it shows my belly bling(belly ring). Im wearing flat brownish sandels here. Im not huge on flats, but this was a very relaxed weekend, i was just chilling at my cousins crib & she never gets why im always on heels (lol). I had my hair in soft curls, which my cousin made for me.(Thanx Nicole!) I didnt accessorise with this outfit, i feel the sexier the outfit, the less accesories we need:)
My beauty product i thought id share with ya'll today (picture above) is CC (color correcting) pearls from Avon. I love this product which i purchased a month ago. It comes with a nice sponge which you roll over the pearls and dab onto your face. I have naturally oily skin thats prone to breakouts, so i love these pearls. They're powdery and the different colors bring out the correct colors from your make up. I feel that with them, i don't have to wear so much powder to set my make up with.

I hope everybody likes todays post. Im still working on getting a daily picture camera of great quality to get my OOTD pictures taken. In my next post id like to share more about my miracle soap i use on my skin & i fell inlike with, and also a few self made items i wore in the past Summer season.( to end Summer off nicely and sail into winter.) Im not a huge winter fan coz i feel restricted with my outfits, but with opague stockings, boots and beanies in the stores, a girl can deal:)

Have a great Monday beauties, i'll see ya'll tomorrow.

"In order to be remembered, a lady must always be different" Coco Chanel

Kissies xoxo

Murilla Mary

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