Saturday, 23 May 2015

Saturday make up for lacking day:)

Morning beauties!

How's everybody doing? I know im guilty for not blogging for the past two days, i had a lil problem with space on my memory card with pictures. I had to delete a few very old pics in order to get space to take new pics. The struggle is always real & the devil always a Im doing a few renovated items today & a throwback pic, to make up for missing my throwback Thursday pic from the past Thursday.

Different ways to wear a tight dressy

Above pic: In my "all white evrythang" pic of a previous post, i was wearing the above dressy which i have cut the excess off. I decided to do that because 1. stylists cut their & because i have gained weighthealthy weight:) so i found this dressyjust tooo tight & me not being able to really move in it I added pic above to jst show ya'll how i wore this dressy in the recent past..with a black tight mini skirt & ankle booties or just as a dressy especially for the daytime. This pic serves as my throwback Thursday pic for ya'll.

Distressed denims
 AHHHH MY FAVORITE!!!! excuse my excitement, but this jeans has just become even more of my favorites after i took my scissors lastnite & made cuts where my knees are. Im confessing that im addicted to cutting my clothes, and no im not ashamed of it ;) This beauty i feel can be worn with a long sleeved tight fitting top or a crop top & peep toe heelies. Im definitely looking forward to wearing it soon & getting full outfit pics taken for ya'll to see.
Peeping pockets from dark denim shorts
In above pic, i cut a dark denim jeans which has also(blush) gotten too tight for me. Now every fashionista knows that the pockets from your shorts must always peep out. Can be worn with a long sleeved top & over the knee boots, with a short sleeved top or crop top with heels..whatever floats your fashion boat;)
Shoes on the curtain rail
In above pic i have found a very unique, creative way to "store" my shoes. I don't like it when i can't see my shoes around me, when they arent visible im not a very happy lady:) so i decided to put them on the curtain rail & away from my cousins who tends to rock them when im not around. The goal is ofcourse, as every shoe addict would agree, id love to have sooo many shoes that the curtain rails in my crib will be too few to put my shoes up on;)

I hope everybody enjoyed today post & that it makes up for my lack the past two days.

I pray everybody will have a great weekend & i'll see ya'll soon with more fashion love.


Murilla Mary

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