Monday, 9 November 2015


Hey Beauties!

Im back!!! Im extremely sorry for being away for the past few months, i had quite a few changes in my life, like i mentioned in my "appologies" post. I don't have enough time to go into detail today, my time is short at this internet cafe, im still working on posting from a laptop in the very near future.

I hope everybody has been doing well while ive been away, im definitely a much more happy & content person, thanks to all the changes that's been happening:)

Today as my Come back post im sharing how i renovated a dress of mine into a two piece top & skirt set.

Red renovated dress into top & skirt set
Above is a pic of  how the dress looks after i renovated it into a two piece set, all i did was cut

In a few posts back you guys will see me in the dress before i happened to it..i was possing on the lawn in it...

 The reason for the renovation is because i felt the dress as it was wasnt doing anything for me, i was bored with the way it looked and im much happier with the way it looks as a two piece.

I think this serves as a lesson to us all, that we can change our clothes into our personal style preference, and we dont have to be bound to what the shops give us. Once we paid for our clothes, its ours to do with as we please;)

Thats all for today loves, ill be back soon with outfits of the past few months, a few beauty products and everyday people in my life who i se as fashion/style inspirations.

Have a great day

Exhale style

Much love

Murilla Mary

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