Friday, 13 November 2015

Distressed Throwback

Tear me up jeans!
Distressed denims + no pics tee
 Hey Beauties!

I just want to appologise for not concluding my Throwback Thursday post properly, im finallyblogging from the laptop, however the internet connection is sometimes really faulty and it would not allow me to type any further last night. It kept giving me an "error on page" message. THE BLOOD OF JESUS!

Never the less, lets continue..above is my distressed denims and "no pictures" tee which i wore last week Saturday. Im obessesed with these denims, they are my favorite! My mom asked me if i still have denims thats not torn and the answer is no i dont, all my denims are distressed or destructed & i wouldnt have it any other way.

I honestly pray real hard this internet connection gets better, so that i can continue with these throwback posts for ya'll.

Have an awesome friday and weekend loves.

Much love

Murilla Mary

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