Thursday, 12 November 2015

Throwback Thursday

 Hey Beauties!

How was everybodys week thus far?

Jumpsuit season

As promised im doing a few throw back outfits that i bought and wore when ive been away from blogging. In above pic i have three different of my favorite item this season, the jumpsuit.

Pic nr.1. Black Jumpsuit was on Sale & since ive always wanted one i bought this one straight on wore it with red pointer heels and a red handbag on this specific day out in town.

Pic nr. 2 Leopard print jumpsuit. This one i actually bought back in May, but havent worn it till about two months back, i also love pairing it with my red heels and my red lip chain.. im a believer of that leopard print & red is a lethal

Pic nr. 3 Lilac Jumpsuit. This one i bought about two weeks back, also on total impulse, it has the sexiest bare back and i fell inlove with it instantly.

As im sure you all can see, i love my hair up when i wear my jumpsuits as i believe the attention should be on them and not on me.

Ive honestly fell inlove with Jumpsuits this season, i cant get enough of them and ive even named myself the Jumspuit

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